“Physical Fitness is the First Requisite of Happiness”

- Joseph Pilates
The Pilates Method is a whole-body mindful movement system designed to help you find balance, inside and out.
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Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates, who believed that to be happy you needed to be physically fit.

We agree!

Pilates developed an entire exercise system of controlled movements that he called “Contrology.” Today, we call his movement system “Pilates.” He invented a variety of different types of exercise equipment that we still use today, including the Pilates Reformer.

At Gather Pilates, we offer classes on the Pilates Reformer, Springboard and arc. We also offer a variety of mat pilates classes and incorporate other Pilates apparatus into our private training sessions.

All of our classes and sessions focus on Pilates Movement principles, which include controlled movement, breath, concentration, centering, flowing motion, and precision.

Benefits of a regular Pilates practice include:

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Class Schedule

Classes change and new ones are added frequently – please check our Mindbody Class Schedule for current classes!

2024 gather pilates

Pilates Pricing

*New Students ONLY. Students may take advantage of one promotional offer.

Apparatus: Reformer, Springboard & Circuit Classes

Small Group Apparatus Membership

Reserve space in four apparatus classes per month (on auto-pay, minimum three-month commitment)*; Includes 1 Mat Class and 1 Guest Pass per month.

Do you have a membership and want to drop in on another apparatus class? Your rate is $29 per extra class.

*When you sign up for a membership, we reserve you a space in a class that works for you! When your class is held five times in a month, you will automatically be charged an additional $29.00 for your fifth class during these months. If you are unable to attend your regularly scheduled class, we will do our best to provide a make-up class but this is not guaranteed. Classes do not roll over into next month.

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