Boost Your Health With A Seasonal Ayurvedic Cleanse

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As the snow melts and the birds start chirping, we know spring is just around the corner. Spring is a time for new beginnings, and creating space. While we aren’t always aware, our own bodies are also beginning to shift with the change of season too. Committing to a seasonal cleanse will support your body, optimize your digestion and leave you healthier and stronger. Thankfully, the wisdom of Ayurveda offers us a clear path on how to do this.

What is an Ayurvedic “Cleanse?”

“De-Tox” and “cleanse” have different meanings to different people. Don’t worry…  I’m not suggesting a starvation detox that consists of lemon water and fruit. In fact, I would encourage you to not take this approach.  An Ayurvedic cleanse is a time-tested, gentle cleansing approach that nourishes the body, while setting up an environment for the elimination of toxins.  This sets you up for optimal health.  The best part?!  You get to eat simple, yet delicious foods with a variety of herbs and spices to optimize your digestion. 

Why Cleanse? 

The unfortunate reality is we live in a world full of toxic substances. In our food we find pesticides, antibiotics, microbes, mercury, and more – even if we are eating organic. Our air also carries pollutants, which then get absorbed into the body. The good news is our body has a system to detox. A cleanse will support this system, and – when done properly – will leave you feeling rejuvenated, and healthier than when you started.

Even if we are completely healthy, a seasonal cleanse will boost our digestion and improve our immunity. The following are a few signs that a cleanse could boost your gut health, immunity and overall wellbeing:

– You are having a difficult time shedding unwanted pounds

– You have bad breath, or body odor

– Your digestion is sluggish, or “off”

– Your skin keeps breaking out

– You don’t have the energy you usually have

– You are bloated, and gassy

– You are sick all the time

Cleanse Benefits 

A cleanse comes with many benefits, in both mind and body: improved digestion, a sense of calm, glowing skin, weight loss and balanced sleep cycles. A cleanse will reset your natural balance, and you will feel rejuvenated!

Let’s Get Started!
Now is a great time to start the planning phase of your cleanse.  Set aside time, and begin gathering supplies.  Clearing space is the key to a productive cleanse that leaves you feeling your best! 

Interested in a cleanse?  I offer guided cleanse consultation and DIY cleanse consultations, in person or remotely. To get started, contact me at

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