Why Pilates Is The Best Work-Out for Busy Moms

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Jean Keese

“You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions.” – Joseph Pilates

Often it’s time – not motivation – that stands between a busy mom and her exercise program. Reality: some days there is no time for “me time.” Yet, exercise is often just what we need to fuel ourselves. The good news? We don’t need to spend hours “working-out” to maintain our fitness level – or sanity! Pilates brings us peace, while also giving us what we need to stay fit and balanced. In fact, if you only have time for one type of exercise, Pilates is your best choice! Here are just a few reasons why:

Balanced & Centered

If you’re a busy mom, you are likely juggling tasks, kids and carpools – possibly also a job. Your life is hectic. The last think you need when you do have a moment is a frenetic, and crazed work-out. You need some Yin with your Yang. Pilates is it! Pilates leaves you grounded, calm and ready to face the chaos that awaits you when you are done.

Efficient & Effective

Pilates is worth every minute. Every minute because you have no time to waste doing senseless exercises. In under an hour, Pilates provides a full body work-out that will leave you stronger and more flexible. Some days, when I don’t have the luxury of an hour, I am able to do a full body workout in under 20 minutes. Every exercise has a purpose. As Joseph himself said, “a few well-designed movements, properly performed in a balanced sequence, are worth hours of sloppy calisthenics or forced contortion.”

Learn to Move With Grace

Pilates is so much more than a work-out. If done properly, with a qualified instructor, you will take your Pilates practice into the rest of your day. Pilates teaches us more than movement. It teaches us “how” to breath and move mindfully with grace and ease. Have you ever hurt your shoulder reaching into the back seat while driving with kids? How about carrying your kiddo on one hip – the same hip – over and over. And we wonder why our bodies hurt and our neck and shoulders are tense. Learn how to take care of yourself, while also caring for your kids.

Pilates Feels Good!

I have worked with many clients that claim to “hate” exercise. These same clients LOVE Pilates because it feels good. It is NOT like running uphill on a treadmill, though I know some of you do enjoy such practices. Pilates leaves you feeling better than when you started.

How to get started?

Find a qualified instructor to teach you the fundamentals of pilates, and help you develop a home program. They can guide you as you set up a home space, and direct you to what pilates toys to invest in. Many qualified instructors are now also available remotely, making your life even more convenient. Your instructor can help you progress your program as you get stronger. Be sure your instructor has at minimum completed a comprehensive Pilates certification. Then, enjoy the transformation.

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