Your Ayurvedic Cleanse Shopping List

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So, you’ve committed to doing your first Ayurvedic Cleanse. Awesome! You won’t regret it. Or, maybe you are just thinking about it and want a little more information. Either way, let me help you get started with your Ayurvedic Cleanse shopping list.

One of the benefits of doing a DIY cleanse is that you are empowered to choose your cleanse: a quick digestive reset – or, a longer and deeper cleanse. It depends on you! Please shop accordingly.

To make it easy, I’ve put together a list of must have Ayurvedic Supplies, with different options for purchase. I’ve also included a list of things that are not required, but will enhance the quality of your cleanse and experience. I’ve also included a grocery list. For my Ayurvedic cleanse supplies, I exclusively use Banyan Botanicals and all product suggestions will link to their website.

Before shopping, please take this dosha quiz! It will give you a good start on understanding your unique mind/body constitution. If you want a deeper and more accurate assessment of your constitution and your current imbalance, I offer one-on-one dosha consultations by appointment (in person and virtually). A detailed assessment will help you fine-tune your cleanse.

Must Have Ayurvedic Cleanse Supplies

The most efficient thing to do is purchase the Banyan Botanicals cleanse bundle.

You can also streamline your purchase with the kitchari kit and then purchase your herbs separately.

If you prefer to go a-la-cart, here is what you can choose from:

Yellow Mung Dal

Basmati Rice (note: You may also use organic quinoa, and you can pick this up at your grocery story.)

Triphala + Blood Cleanse OR Total Body Cleanse

Organic Ghee

Kitchari Spice (Or, DIY your spices. See links below)

Good to Have For Cleanse

Daily Routine Bundle, or the following a-la-cart

Daily Massage Oil

Daily Swish Oil

Tongue Cleaner

Nasya Oil (1oz) 

Ayurvedic Herbs/Spices: Cumin, Coriander, Tumeric, Fennel, etc. (Great for cleanse, but also for stocking your spices cabinet)

Grocery List

Note: A cleanse is most effective when we use organic foods.

Green Apples



Ghee (If you did not get from Banyan)

Basmati Rice, Quinoa, Barley, Oats or other whole grains of choice (If you did not get from Banyan)

Lots of leafy green vegetables

Vegetables of choice

Some of these items are also available in our Gather Pilates boutique, and we are also able to special order some items. Just ask!

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