Ditch Your Diet And Embrace These Ayurvedic Rituals Instead

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If you want to lose weight, ditch your diet.  It won’t work.  In fact, studies have shown that weight lost via “dieting” doesn’t work 95% of the time.  Why waste your energy dieting?!  If you really want to lose weight, whether it’s to look better, feel better or otherwise, shift your attitude.  Instead of going … Read more

‘Twas a Moment in Savasana

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I originally published this in Elephant Journal in 2013.  I love to share this during the holiday, and encourage you to enjoy again this holiday season!!  Namaste!! ‘Twas a moment in Savasana, when all through the studio, not a yogi was stirring – each trying to let go. The Yoga mats were lined up in … Read more

Fall Into Rhythm: Seasonal Tips to Keep You Balanced

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Fall is here, and with it the gifts of Mother Nature are generously bestowed as we transition into autumn. The elements parade their shifts in nature – temperatures turn cooler, leaves show new colors, days become shorter and wetter and we celebrate the harvest. While there is much to celebrate, this time of year gains … Read more

Favorite Fall Foods

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Fall is a time for us to restore and rejuvenate for the winter ahead. It’s also a time to nourish. In Ayurvedic terms, fall is a season of Vata – the “air and ether” dosha that brings us the qualities of cold, light, and dry. The key to health in the fall is to keep … Read more